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          WE PROVIDE DEEPHOLE DRILLING SOLUTIONS:Job-shop + Machines + Tools

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          Single flute gundrills/

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          • Solid carbide gundrill kidney-shaped coolant channel 
            diameter range: 0.500-12.000 mm

          • Single flute gundrill with brazed solid carbide tip 
            kidney-shaped coolant channel
            diameter range: 1.850-7.059 mm 
            2 coolant holes 
            diameter range: 7.060 - 51.200 mm

          • Deep hole drilling tool 
            diameter range: 51,00 - 113,99 mm

          • Deep hole drilling tool with indexable inserts and guide pads, 

            setting of drill diameter by stop plate, larger dia. on request 
            diameter range: 37.00 - 100.00 mm

          • Solid carbide gundrill 
            diameter range: 0,700 - 12,000 mm 

          • Single flute stepped gundrill with solid carbide tip (to produce precise stepped holes in one operation) Kidney-shaped coolant channel or 2 coolant holes depending on tool diameter 
            diameter range: 2.000 - 51.200 mm

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