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          Autoparts Industry

          Many parts in the autoparts have deep hole processing  problems, including: valve, camshaft, gear shaft, shock

          absorber, rack and pinion, gear shaft radial oil hole, etc.

          Auto parts in the cutting, due to the existence of chip

          removal, lubrication difficulties and tool vibration and

          other aspects of the problem, which will seriously

          affect the quality of processing. So, it's very important to

          choose a suitable for the parts of the processing equipment.

          • Suitable Machines

            HTT's K series deep hole drilling machine can solve small hole machining problems, KT series deep hole drilling and boring machine can solve large hole machining problems, KB series three-coordinate machine tool and KBR series deep hole drilling and milling complex machining center can solve plate deep hole machining problems, KBA series lifting table deep hole drilling machine tool can solve eccentric deep hole machining problems.

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