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          about US


          Shanghai Ningyuan Precision Machinery Corp.

          Hochent (Shanghai) Machinery Development Co.,Ltd.



          HTT, becomes the leader of deep hole drilling solution provider in the world.Machine building factories established in both Germany and China, and over 20 manufacturing units for Job-drilling and machine service in Germany, USA, China and India.Effective service can be provided in short time.

          Shanghai Ningyuan Precision Machinery Corp. as the manufacturing center of HTT, who was founded in 2006, focusing on drilling technology and innovation. And it did successful IPO in Shanghai. Stock in Aug.2018, with code: 873011.

          By 2015, over 460 various deep hole drilling machines have been delivered to worldwide, including Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Russia, Holland, Turkey,South Korea, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, China, India, Bangladesh, etc. 

          Over 100 valued customers in various industries, including aerospace, defense, nuclear, oil and gas exploration, construction machinery, automotive, die mould, pellet mill, glass mould,medical parts, etc. 

          Please visit our website for more information.


          Shanghai Ningyuan Precision Machinery Corp.Hochent (Shanghai) Machinery Development Co.,Ltd400-820-9218

          National toll free hotline

          Address: Room 202, Building 1, No.211 Jingang Rd., Pudong, Shanghai, 201206, China

          2015-2020 HOCHENT (SHANGHAI) MACHINERY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved Shanghai ICP 09005070備案圖標.png滬公網安備 31011502003399號


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