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          HTT will attend AMB Stuttgart on 13. - 17 Sept.2-16.Both NO. is Hall 6, E69

          Time:2016-9-7 10:36:21    Scan:


          HTT will attend AMB Stuttgart on 13. - 17 Sept.2-16.Both NO. is Hall 6, E69.
          AMB, the international exhibition for metalworking, is the leading industry trade fair in the even years and is one of the top 5 trade fairs worldwide for metal-cutting technology. Every two years approximately 1,350 exhibitors from almost 30 countries showcase the latest developments in machine tools, precision tools and relevant periphery for metal machining. Over 90,000 visitors were interested in this offering in the centre of Europe's leading high-tech region Stuttgart

          AMB Stuttgart 13. – 17 Sept. 2016


          Hall 6 Booth E69

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