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          What are the advantages of deep hole drilling machine

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          Nowadays, there are more deep-hole drilling machines used in deep hole processing, and with the continuous innovation of technology, there are many kinds of deep-hole drilling machines, but generally speaking, almost all of them are of deep-hole drilling type. So today, what are the advantages of this kind of machine tools and why they are favored by users?

          Firstly, the popularity of the deep hole drilling machine is naturally related to the technical innovation and maturity, because the deep hole drilling machine is made of high-quality cast iron process, and after secondary treatment, so the stability of the casting and accessories is very good, relatively strong rigidity, so it is deeply favored by users.

          Second, three axis of deep hole drilling machine now are using imported good rigidity and heavy load and high speed and precision of the ball in a straight line guide rail, so as to ensure that carries on the deep hole processing, processing of high precision and the service life of guide rail, and now in process of deep hole drill can provide a larger more torque, so that more practical.

          Third, with the maturity of the technology, the spindle of the current deep hole drilling machine is all used by imported motor, which ensures sufficient power, and can be switched freely and accurately during high and low speed processing. In order to ensure the stability of use, an automatic oil-cooling system has been added to ensure that the machine can be in a constant temperature state during processing.

          Fourth, and because the deep hole drilling machine is computer control, system compatibility is also getting better and better, so software such as CAD and CAM software can be compatible, which makes the machine is in better operability, processing can customize according to the specific job demand function, let more and more deep hole drilling machine has become the darling of the industry, and technology will continue to innovate.

          What has just been mentioned is why the deep hole drilling machine is used more and more frequently and commonly in the deep hole processing. It is precisely because of its many advantages that the deep hole machine tool has become the darling of the industry. Moreover, with the innovation of technology, the current machine tools can customize functions according to specific requirements, which is also very convenient.

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