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          WE PROVIDE DEEPHOLE DRILLING SOLUTIONS:Job-shop + Machines + Tools

          Sales hotline400-820-9218

          CNC Deep Hole Drilling&Milling Center

          For Die&Mould Parts and other Cubic Parts


          CNC Deep Hole Drilling&Milling Center

          NEW PRODUCT

          KBR column with rotary table gun drilling machine for on and off center hole drilling,The machine has 2 spindles can performmilling/tapping and gun drilling, NC rotary table and W-axis tool column,The machine is designed to allow mold maker to finish the mold base in one set up by milling ,gun drilling and tapping water lines

          Rotary Table

          • Face milling
          • Milling
          • Gun drill
          • Diamond

          CNC Deep Hole Drilling&Milling Center

          German  |  High efficiency  | High accuracy



           Floor tpye construction with CNC rotary table and moveable column

           Combined Deep Hole Drilling & Milling 

           Optional tilted spindle cartrige for angular holes 

           Quick change-over between gundrilling and milling Additional tool exchanger is possible

          We are specialist in the production of CNC deep hole drilling and milling machine. Have three series of specifications according the stroke (x axis):
          1 meters, 2 meters, 3 meters; respectively, divided as the small, medium, large machine. We can design all kinds of special five axis,

                       axis and four and six axis deep hole drilling machine for customers .


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