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          type 112

          Single flute stepped gundrill with solid carbide tip (to produce precise stepped holes in one operation) Kidney-shaped coolant channel or 2 coolant holes depending on tool diameter 
          diameter range: 2.000 - 51.200 mm

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            HTT cooperates with the world's leading manufacturer of deep hole drilling tools, Germany Botek, to provide a wide range of
            deep hole machining tool solutions. Only the machine and the tool as well to match and achieve the best effect. We cooperate
            with Botek to ensure that users get the most perfect solution for their need. We sale small diameter carbide gundrill with
            minimum diameter 0.5mm,a diameter of 1.85-113.99mm gundrills and diameter 7.76-500mm full range of BTA and injector
            tools. We have a large number of botek tools inventory, you can get the Germany botek tools from HTT in fastest way.

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